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DRAGON%20SEAT%20COVERS.gif Well! Do you want to start your matrimonial journey? So one of the best corner is to spend the honeymoon at Egypt with full of notable memories. Though there are various sites & amazing beaches like river Nile which offers you the sightseeing scenarios. There are various sites on the internet among tour conductor who provides you honeymoon packages for your married life otherwise any doubt orientaltoursegypt is there who offers you the romantic honeymoon destinations at affordable packages. Of course, spend some memories with your beloved chosen is one of the essential term then travel to Egypt is the best destination which covers up your all blessed places.

All couple wants to spend their honeymoon cruise which is in store moment of their life. Honeymoon travels offers you the romantic gateway at affordable travel packages suite which treasures your memories & make your lifetime experience. Well! Get ready to explore love in your relationship with honeymoon tour box and create superb memories that you can cherish throughout. Orientaltoursegypt vacation package offers to tourists for exploring the quintessence beauty of place in Egypt in a magnetic trip. Orientaltouregypt offers you the honeymoon travel package to couples in Egypt for visiting extraordinary alien monuments in Egypt like Coptic, pyramids of Giza, River Nile, Red sea & many more which are really challenging & so convenience. Married couples lavish their accelerated life at Egypt & carpe diem the related exciting places by the famous travel agent at our site.

Are you looking for Egypt travel, then there are lots regarding opportunities are waiting for you to explore the diversity of Egypt. Including package you can get accommodation, air tickets, car rental, guide, 24×7 customer services at hassle free & make you relaxing. When you move to Egypt with travel package therefore you settle with memorable moments also stay in hotel at discount prices in your tour package. Feel the relaxation evocative in Egypt & sightseeing scenario with fresh area camping signifies the marvelous of your new life. For new couple Egypt is the best quixotic place also having shopping center where you can obtainment the latest design of fashion dress, accessories from famous brands. Honeymoon trip package is the best way to like the honeymoon travel in complete relax manner. It is the most event for newly married couple which they looking forwards to. Do you want to make your honeymoon season with beautiful surroundings then appoint your moment at memorable & want to save money within your budget at beef free.

Do you have queries regarding Egyptian honeymoon packages?

Log on to, it is the larger resource for honeymoon information which is your dream to drain the honeymoon moments. Spend each & every moment colourful in Egypt & get all relevant information from this site. Well! Capture a huge collection concerning notable memories in your bag by visiting Egypt with sceneries.

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linertec%204channel%20dj%20mixer.gif Egypt travel is something of an obsession with backpackers and wanderlusts. It is no wonder that many tourists make multiple visits to this destination either for a repeat visitation rather to check out attractions which they missed out during their first trip. Your Egypt tours will be one really grand experience and a holiday that would not just help you loosen yet will also open your eyes to unknown really fascinating structures.

If you still haven’t planned an Egypt tour from USA, here are some reasons why you stum do it immediately:

To unfold the myths: Ancient Egyptian culture is full of tales and myths. Reading these tales on a book or watching them come alive on screen won’t be the ideal way to know the truth! Explorers and tourists have landed on this country for centuries in search of the truth and to unfold the myriad myths surrounding its ancient era. Could aliens have built the pyramids? What happened to the nose of the Sphinx? Why were the servants slain after the Pharaohs died? What happened to the organs after a hull was mummified? To catch out the answers, you must travel to this country full of mystery, macabre and intrigue.

For reliving the historic era: You may have been born in the modern era. But Egypt travel is your passport to the past. Just in case, you want to turn the rhythm back to the ancient era, then there is vacuity better than to enter the Luxor temples substitute stand beneath the pyramids at Giza. So, to go on a trail of the ever-eluding history, undistorted leap over to this part of the world.

To take the most fair photos ever: If you are a photographer or if you have a penchant for taking random pictures, then Egypt tours are highly recommended for you. You wouldn’t find a better place where you jug exercise your photographic skills. With the pyramids, temples and sphinx as your subjects, your camera will get some stunning images. And it is not forensic the beauty of the history which you can capture in this country. The culture too is enamoring and smeared with tradition! Just make sure to seek the permission of a being on condition that you are taking his or her photograph!

Cruising along the Nile: Another reasoning mystery you must plan an Egypt tour from USA as soon as possible is to go for a cruise on the mighty Effluent Nile. The Nile is one of the most historic and enigmatic rivers in the world. Traveling on a cruise over it is a joy which is truly incomparable. Besides, it is always a great sightseeing experience since a cruise ride drops you down to some of the most fascinating sites in the country.

To munch into experimental food: Foreigners who are foodies also like to plan an Egypt drive to taste new cuisines and peninsular dishes like the Halawa. And even if you aren’t a foodie, it won’t take you heaps time to turn into one.

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Bikini-Egypt-300x233.jpg When you are heading to a new destination, expressly an offshore one, then it is best to acquaint yourself with the milieu norms and traditions. Besides, in today’s internet-driven era, it is quite easy to extract information about any place. When it comes to Egypt, it is the sheer popularity of this country which would fill up your screen with oodles of information. You are just different Google search away from getting to know tout le monde that you want to know throughout this place. Alternately, you can also purchase an Egypt tour guide which is available in both offline and online markets.

So, without wasting your time further, let us dive into the list concerning things you should not do in Egypt:

i. You may have a liberal attitude else your native country may be much casual about attires. But Egypt’s people are deeply religious and their faith does not permit women to roam about in thin dresses. So, you should negative don a short skirt or a sleeveless top or any dress which shows a lot of skin! Even, wearing shorts would be considered immoral!

ii. You must not lampoon rather humiliate or read part sort of disregard or disrespect towards the local Islamic religion. Such an act from a foreign tourist would be considered immoral and blasphemous. Besides, when you are visiting another nation, it is your own moral liability to respect every aspect of the nation, even if you personally do not agree with it.

iii. You must not watch or search for porn DVDs in this country. An Egypt expedition guide would clearly tell you that pornography is not permitted in this country. So, if you are caught with such banned CDs, then you may face legal trouble. Do not even raise such materials from your native land as that very would put you in some trouble.

iv. Do not druthers up a fight with the locals. Some tourists often lose their cool over certain trivial issues and get involved in a brawl. At times, after getting drunk, foreign men involve themselves in fights and disputes! Such acts would earn you and your country a lot of disrepute. Besides, you can also be penalized provided you are found guilty. In any case, such acts would also spoil your holiday mood. So, optimum dwell out of any undesirable incident. If you tend to lose your temper easily, then wish perform a bit of self-control or meditate before impending to this country.

To visit this country, you resolve be indispensable to buy an Egypt tour package! You can buy it online after checking your requirements moreover doodle ascend a budget.

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Omega-Seamaster-231-28-34-20-55-001-Ladies.jpg Uprise the real fun concerning summer vacation with Travel to Egypt. We are El Mensajero Tours Company and make your tour dreamy. We have launched our website and you can get along all the direction about various places. Make your vacation advantageous by travelling with El Mensajero Tours. We have an enormous collection of various packages for you. Apart from all these, you can also customize your tours with us. You require to give some information like your plan counterpart your pioneer and last names, nationality, email address, phone no., no. of persons, arrival date, departure date, accommodation type (3,4 or 5 star), no of rooms (single, double, trinitarian et cetera suit), how many people (adult + children) and ultimate a brief limn of your tour. You can besides go to Egypt & Jordan Tours within your budget.

Under category of Egypt Drive Packages, you can find various places like Classic Tours, Luxury Tours, Honeymoon Tours, Accessible Tours, Adventure Tours, Festival & New Year, Red Sea Diving Packages, Passover Holidays etc. Our largely highly praised temerarious tours are Egypt Adventures, Desert Safari Trip by Quadraphonic Bike to Pyramids Area, Bahariya & White Desert, ( Kharga & Dakhla ) Adventure, Discover The Nubian life, 1 Nocturnal (Felucca adventure), Nile Adventure ( Felucca ), Safari & Camel Ride & Snorkeling( Blue Hole), Supper Safari (St. Catherine & Colored Canyon ), White Leave Safari, Siwa Safari Trip, Western Desert Safari, Safari Trip, Oasis Safari and Trekking, Gara Cave and Desert Roses. Easter holiday places are Nile Cruise Tour, Family Tour in Egypt, Nile with the Red Sea, Nile Tours & Jordan, Desert & Nile, Safari & Nile Cruise Tour etc. Honeymoon tours Sinai and the Pyramids, Nile Wander & Jordan, All about (Egypt & Jordan), Best of (Egypt & Jordan), Desert & Nile etc.

If budget is not your syndrome formerly explore our various places like the Best of Egypt Tours, Nile accompanying the Red Sea, Egypt in Depth, Nile Cruise & Jordan, Many about (Egypt & Jordan), Best of (Egypt & Jordan ), Affluence Egypt Dahabiya, Prodigal ( Nile Cruise), Voluptuousness Egypt etc. Different brand names in these cruises are Abercrombie Nile Cruises, Amarante Nile Cruises, Movenpick Nile Cruises, Oberoi Nile Cruises, Presidential Nile Cruises, Sonesta Nile Cruises, Travco Nile Cruises etc.

Give an extra threshold to your Egypt Seaside Excursion with us. We are recognized for our quality services in Egypt. You can travel various places with us like Cairo, Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Marsa Alam, Luxor, Aswan, Dahab, Fayoum etc. Get the best sand excursion amidst Alexandria, El Sokhna Port, Aqaba Port, Sharm Marina, Port Said Port, Safaga Port etc. Our various Alexandria places are El Fayoum Pyramids Sightseeing Tours, One Day Desert Safari Trip to Pyramids From Alexandria Port, Rashid Day Tour from Alexandria Port, Day trip to World War II Cemeteries in Al Alamein, Shore Trips Succeed Alexandria & Depart from Port Said Port, Two Day Tours to Cairo & Alexandria From Alexandria Port, Islamic & Coptic Cairo From (Alexandria Port), Time Trip to Giza Pyramids & Nile in Style From Alexandria Port, Nubian Village by Felucca, Full day visit Kalabsha Temple and Nubian Museum, Crammed day visit High Dam, Philae further Unfinished Obelisk etc. We are also associated with many cruises like Sleazy Nile Cruises, Moderate Nile Cruises, Deluxe Nile Cruises, Luxury Nile Cruises, Ultra Luxury Nile Cruises etc.

Contact us on +2 0100 940 40 70

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map_01.gif In my capacity because the UK Director of Operations for just one World Tours Limited, with time, it came to attention as to what a minefield in could be booking a holiday middle a destination like Egypt with the myriad of “internet” based travel companies; expressly local Egyptian companies

I therefore while it’s helpful to suggest a tender of “checklist” of things to look for and questions you should ask “prospective” holiday suppliers.

1. Could they be a travel agent or perhaps a Tour operator ?

Especially in a local level, service from the tour operator is often greater than that of an seller as tour booked through local agents “can” risk the truth that the agent is purely creating your engagement to some 3rd party. This is not forever the situation, otherwise it’s something to consider. Comeback if you have problems can also be to subsist considered as an agent can blame the next party et alii the other way around.

2. Do they extremity a precipitation or could they be offering payment entirely on arrival ?

When the company you are potentially booking round accept payment entirely on arrival, this means one thing – you’re NOT booked. While spunk a business risk booking hotels, guides, drivers etc around the of chance you possible actually arrive ?

3. Do they accept charge cards as payment ?

This will breathe significant whether or not you are planning on paying this way. Accepting credit cards (particularly in travel fields) will normally penurious the company continues to be pretty well vetted and definitely will offer you part added assurances (not to mention protection)

4. Will they offer Testimonials… ?

The 2nd half of this question most likely the most important part, “Do they offer Testimonials…and might you contact them” ? If their testimonials are genuine then surely there isn’t any reason why they vessel nay be contacted.

5. Have they got a recognized complaints procedure ?

Any forward thinking and ethical finance company mind know that there will be the odd problem. Using a complaints procedure in position shows that the fellowship won’t only try and fob you off, but in the ground up, they will attempt to fairly take care of any problems you might have.

Hopefully these 5 things will approve you with regards to your imminent plans when it comes to a trip to a country for example Egypt.

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Official Egypt Nile Cruises Within Your Budget   no comments

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Omega-Seamaster-231-50-42-21-06-001-men-s.jpg If you are looking to use your vacation days at the right place then you disposition not get a worthier place like Egypt. Explore the real destination with the top tours and travel company in the country. Egypt is among the top 10 travelling destinations across the world. Travel Egypt Holidays is a barnstorm operator in Egypt and realized for effective services. We have designed various types of tour payday to its distance, wayfarer interest, according to economy of travelers etc. Make your tour better with El Mensajero Tours. You vessel get all the precondition information about various packages from our website. Select your voyage ent your budget only along Travel Egypt Holidays. Our other services are hotel reservations, daily sightseeing, transportation, Safaris, Diving & Special interest tours etc. Egypt Nile Cruises is one of the first reasons why people choose Egypt for travelling.

Tour Egypt from El Mensajero Tours is the best way to explore your new destinations in Egypt and surrounding areas. Primary cities to visit in Egypt are Cairo, Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Marsa Alam, Luxor, Aswan, Dahab, Fayoum etc. If your budget is not limited then you can also enjoy the real luxury life in Egypt with us. Now, you can also customize your tours with us. You have to remit your information like Nationality, Email, Phone, no. regarding Persons, Persons, Visitor Date, departure Date, accommodation type (3,4 and 5 stars) etc. You can select Egypt Day tour packages to discern more about Egypt. You can penetrate Hawara Pyramid, Lahon Pyramid, Dahshure Pyramids, Red and Bent Pyramid. You receptacle percolate your prestigious day at Abu Simbel and vacation two unique style temples and many else else things. The Egyptian government and UNESCO decided to co-operate in order to save these temples from the flood. Other places to visit are Kom Ombo and Edfu, Trip to St. Simeon Monastery, kalabsha Temple & Nubian Museum, DiscoverThe Nubian life, Felucca on the Nile, High Dam & Unfinished Obelisk & Philae, Felucca Sail (3 Nights), Abu Simbel (Sharing), Sound & Light Show ( Philae Temple), Sound & Light Show (Abu Simble).

We have launched many new Egypt Sightsee Packages for our visitors. Now, you can select the package payday to your budget. You can make your choice from our tour collection analogy Classic Tours, Luxury Tours, Accessible Tours, Adventure Tours, Honeymoon Tours, Christmas & Neologism Year, Red Sea Diving Packages, Easter Holidays etc. Other options are Nile Cruise Tour, Abu Simbel Tour, Family Tour in Egypt, Cairo & Luxor Tour, Christian Tours to Egypt, Lake Nasser & Nile Cruise Holidays, Cairo Short Break (4 Nights), Cairo Little Crack (3 Nights), Luxury Tours (Dahabiya) etc. Various Egypt Packages are like Comfort Egypt Dahabiya, Luxury ( Nile Cruise), The Best of Egypt Tours, Nile for the Cherry Sea, Egypt in Depth, Nile Cruise & Jordan, All about (Egypt & Jordan), Best of (Egypt & Jordan), Luxury Egypt etc. are you new married couple? Then explore Egypt with our Honeymoon Tours.

Call us on +2 0100 940 40 70 to know expanded packages and also customize your tours within your budget limit.

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camel+ride+around+the+pyramids.jpg Go back to the time of the pharaohs and discover their enchanting history past visiting the great Giza Pyramids of Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinus. Visit the legendry Sphinx, the Valley Pantheon and the Egyptian Museum, which features artifacts from the Pharaonic period.
Tour Itinerary

Egypt Travel representative will pick you up from your hotel, to enjoy an excursion to The Pyramids of Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinus. Then proceed to visit the Great Sphinx, the head of a pharaoh with a lion’s body, which dates from the time of Chephren; the tour also includes a visit to the Valley Temple, which belongs to the pyramids from chefren. Proceed to have your lunch at local restaurant then Move to pop in the Egyptian Museum, which features artifacts from the Pharaonic period. The museum displays a rare collection of 5000 years of trade which is considered the largest most precious collection of Egyptian art in the world. Over 250,000 genuine artifacts are presented, including an exhibit dedicated to Tutankhamen collection regarding treasure, gold und so weiter beads which was enclosed in his tomb for over 3,500 years before it was discovered in the 1920s when his tomb was excavated. Occiput to hotel.


Pick up services from your hotel & return.
All transfers by a private air-conditioned vehicle.
Private English Egyptologist guide.
Entrance fees to all the mentioned sites.
Lunch meal at local restaurant in Cairo.
Bottled water on keep the vehicle along the tour.
Shopping tours in Cairo.
All taxes & service charge.


Any extras denial mentioned in the itinerary.
Tipping Kitty.

Person Price

Single / 2-3 Persons / 4-6 People / 7-10 Persons
Prices per person: $ 125 / $ 85 / $ 75 / $ 70

Additional features

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Agent Name: Belal
Agent Mobile +20 1228594136
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Give Us a Call +20 1228594
+202 33882510

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m_1243799b.jpg A Nile Cruise trek is an extremely charming background that any patron must do if they visit Egypt. The Nile Cruise in Egypt outing joins together the History with the enjoyable climate which makes it a remarkable Trip. If you board one of our exceptional vessels, something inside you will mix as it transports you, in magnificent wonder, through a supernatural otherworldly land. It will take your disposition away!! A standout amongst the most unwinding things for a sponger to do in Egypt is journey along the Nile, through an otherworldly enchanted area.

Its correct actuality, that everyone needs to take the exceptional astonishing visit at Nile Cruise in Egypt with full of astounding objectives. Egypt is the glorious nation with match full puts onto every part of the world having immense no of touring situations in Nile. Make your voyage ranges push free at full from satisfaction additionally bring the roadhouse territory with safaris, jumping, exceptional transportation in Nile Cruise tour. Never miss the chance with rightful tour service in suitable plan. So have a sight look along your companions or favored one in the accompanying places at Nile Cruise in Egypt:

Karnak Temple: The Karnak Temple is the biggest and customarily crucial sanctuary in Luxor and imaginably in Egypt in general. The sanctuary devoted to the god Amun and was initially developed by Seti I also the acclaimed Ramses II preceded its building.

Luxor Temple: The Luxor Temple is joined with the Karnak sanctuary beside the renowned worldwide Rams headed sphinxes that denote the distance from Luxor Temple to Karnak Temple.
Valley of Kings: The pile mountain placed in the Basin of the Kings which helped the Pharos to remember the New Kingdom of their precursors of the old kingdom who were ready to raise the pyramids in Giza. Truly it’s the fascinating places in Egypt which empowers the brightened & safeguarded landmarks at momentous ranges all through the old Egypt.

Sanctuary of Philae: The Ptolemaic sanctuary of Philae is a standout amongst the most miraculous sanctuaries of old Egypt. The Philae shrine was initially developed for the love of the goddess Isis. The legend has it that Isis was fit to discover the root of her killed bridegroom Osiris on the island of Philae and starting there in time, this island turned into a ethereal land.

So book the ticket now at site where you can discover the unusual popular chances in regards to Nile Cruise in Egypt cover ground parcel which incorporates heaps of spots items & inn informative data with authority control. Here you can get the best wanderlust rare for using your colourful & delightful occasions. So good the bundles parts at no of intriguing places with recorded and social touring occasions.

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giants-causeway5.jpg Travel to Egypt takes the preponderance ways, here we help you to find the applicable way for your trip according to your needs, therefore enjoy this content & find out the way which is useful to you.

Do you have plan for travel to Egypt? Later take the snap shots of different ways for make your Egypt voyage successful. So contact to your local dealer who handles the tour & prequel for the holiday which determines the hectic life of your existence. Uncertainty you can directly contact to the Egypt excursion agency which pays the trip expenditure with perfect margin. Well! If you are interested to go for sabbatical with your family members rather friends then you must visit to Egypt with good memories to keep. Some exciting places in Egypt you must to visit like Sharm Elshiekh, Hurghada resorts on Red sea, pyramids from Giza & many interesting places. Discover your amazing life near to sightseeing scenario of Egypt temples, mummified bodies, good history of peninsula, oldest monuments, widest deserts which recognizes the beauty of creature. Pyramids are the great symbol of seven wonders where you can find the fresh air of camping & marvelous unilateral regarding life.

Do you ever feel that how to deal with localized agent dealer for know about the Egypt travel details? Then there is 2 ways to find it out like: After paying more cost you will receive the gain from your side. Bargain out the travel agent at particular dates. Well! If you want to save your money & time, so customize the tour by taking the best, easy & safest solution which increases the excellent reputation. Spend your holidays in Egypt by sightseeing museum, restaurants, art of galleries with perfect element which is the tourist attraction point. So pick out your holidays in Egypt with exciting places like Aswan, Luxor & Giza which are the extraordinary tour so make it by Egypt ambulatory or local agent.

Well! There is no word to explain Egypt tour that such a wonderful scenario which is truthfully interesting to visit. In Egypt various exciting places are there but Luxor is the safest & beautiful region having unimaginary museum. No doubt, here collection of temples, also river Nile is the best source of tourist attraction. Luxor temple is the biggest & mind blowing attraction location where huge no of tourist are coming for spending their vacation. Superb scenarios of galleries with memories are preserved in Luxor which identifies the obscure of tour. Karnak temple is another call point for tourist which makes your Luxor cruises convenient trip. Valley of King is another tourist fate theme which makes your vacation 2 times increment your Egypt tour. Luxor cruise gives you the greatest view of additional sites with full of history & culture. Egypt tours with customized services in budget for your travel are available at where you receptacle safest solution for you at online.

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Red%20Sea%20Marine%20Life_Egypt_2272.jpg The riveting city is an attracting magnet for those holidaymakers whose cup of tea is scuba diving, as it boasts racy aquatic life and dazzling underwater reefs. Negative just these, Hurghada is filled with compelling temptations that work wonder for visitors, such as magnificent mosques, vibrant marketplaces and a spellbinding aura which is evocative of typical Egyptian life.

When to go
Since this Egyptian city is a desert area, it owns a raging and dry weather. Nevertheless, Red Sea’s cool breezes offer some relaxation and help to beat the heat, making environment delightful. The most excellent time for taking a watch to Hurghada is completely dependent upon your choices and interests. Summers are perfect for savoring sea-side pleasure and participating in tanning sessions. Ramadan is an outstanding per mensem as well because in the course of this festival, holidaymakers are hailed near regal festivities and scrumptious culinary delights. December is further a great month which entices vacationers to enjoy excellent time in its welcoming shores.

Let’s have a look at some intriguing and must visit highlights like Hurghada…

Marine Biology Museum
This is one of the most famous sights of the city and presents an impressive diversity of enrapturing flora and fauna. Additionally, it serves as a consummation attraction for the trippers who don’t have the desire of plunging into water for discovering the scintillating aquatic life. Sightseers may simply walk along underwater paths for relishing a fascinating scape of awe-inspiring coral reefs and an extensive variety of marine creatures. Here you can also acquaint yourself with the past of Red Sea.

Anfish Mountain
It is a charismatic attraction and the imposing emblem of mesmerizing natural elegance with which the urban is replete. Innumerable vacationers take cheap flights to Hurghada and make their way to this incredible wonder for basking in breathtaking vistas like the urban as well therefore adjacent regions. Indeed, Anfish Mountainous is something which no tripper should really miss to explore on their excursion to the city.

Sop up the flash and splendor of Hurghada with Angel Flight which provides you the cheapest flight tickets to Hurghada along with high quality ampersand industry best services. We offer you easy et sequens effortless tour to the enthralling city without each booking pain alternative stress. Dear Flight has topmost professionals of the travel service arena who help you get the finest deals and cheap international airfare on all airlines and from every major destination of the planet. Avail discounted flights on group tours and extremely cheap last minute airfare. Aside from this, we have a wide range of exciting amenities and highly discounted fares which are truly unbeatable and decorous for everyone. So do not wait further and contact us without ado to benefit your surmount deals in every season!

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