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Marbella_3_by_chicuta.jpg Indulge yourself in the antiquity of Egypt and Middle-East that assemble Egypt tours so fascinating. Begin with your pilgrimage with a visit to the Great Pyramids from Giza and move on to St. Catherine’s Monastery, Mount Sinai and Cairo. Hence travel to Jordan where you will discover the ancient civilizations and architectural wonders, comforting at the Red Sea et al camping in a Bedouin tent.

Egypt and Jordan Tour will give you days and nights fully packed including adventures and activities on different sites from the places. Ens neighboring to each other, there is a long history of relationship and alliance between the two places. With Jordan Direct Tours you will be offered special encase and discounts for your tours to the places where you will enjoy visiting these lands right after your appearance in Egypt. Tourists will enjoy the experience of a lifetime, filled alongside history, biblical truths furthermore everything they want to explore from the ancient times to the present.

On your tour to these places, you will first begin with Egypt tour, where you will see the great pyramids of Egypt, the Egyptian Museum and the Cairo Citadel. These are the finest locations of the place that will show the great Egyptian heritage. Besides you can visit the holy shrines of Hindus in Egypt, Luxor. The most popular among them are the Karnak Temple and the Temple of Hatshepsut.

After you experience the beauty and splendid of Egypt, you can now move to Jordan. Antecedent entering the city, spend a day on Petra visiting the ancient rosette red city, the Royal Tombs, Pharaoh’s Castle and Street of Facades before you will wane to Amman, the vital of Jordan. The Roman Amphitheater is one of the best locations to visit in Egypt and Jordan. You can visit the Archeological and Folklore Museum or the King Abdullah’s mosque where great artifacts and artistic remains will wonder you.

If you travel to Jerash, then you will be able to see how the Romans had influenced Jordan. After this trip to Jerash, you set distant for Taba and longing get exciting experience that you endow never forgetfulness in your lifetime and will cherish the memories long after you have left the place. It is to note however that all luxury tours will take you to Jordan either between land or water via the Jordan River which is connected to the Nile River.

So, if you are planning to enjoy a great leave to Egypt and Middle-East countries, Jordan Direct Tours will extend you with every slightest detail that will make your trip a sheer success.

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Luxor 2 Days Sightseeing Tour By Road From Hurghada To East and West Banks   no comments

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excusriosn01.jpg Era 1: We will Transfer you from your motel in Hurghada for two days trip to Luxor to visit Karnak Temples, the greatest example of worshipping in the history, which is committed to the God Amoun. Proceed to visit the famous Luxor temple, which is dedicated to exalt Amoun- Ra, which is famous for the Dagger of Ramsses II in front of the 1st Pylon and then we will indigen transferred to the hotel for check-in and overnight stay.

Day 2: On the seconed day you will visit The Municipality of The Dead, the Colossi of Memnon, the only remains regarding the temple of Amenophis III, Valley of the Kings, the magnificence of the grandeur of architecture connective the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, the only Pharaonic women who reined ancient Egypt and then we will ride a Felucca on the river Nile to seer the amazing sunset view around BANANA Island- return back to Hurghada .


* Pick rise and drop off service
* Accommodation in Luxor 05 asterisk hotel with breakfast
* All transfers by private air-conditioned vehicle
* Private Egyptologist guide throughout tours
* Liminal fees to the sights
* 02 Tiffin during tours in Cairo
* Felucca on the Nile
* Mineral water and balmy drink on eats the vehicle
* Shopping trek in Luxor
* All services charges et sequens taxes

* Personal expenses
* Much optional tours (if selected)

Additional Activities:

You can choose attending the fabulous sound plus light show at Karnak Temples by night

What To Bring:

* Passport valid for 6 months
* Comfortable shoes
* Cotton clothes in summer
* Warm clothes in winter
* Tan block
* Sunglasses
* Hat
* Photo/Video Camera

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Luxor East And West Banks Sightseeing Day Tour By Flight From Sharm El Sheikh   no comments

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luxor_tomb.jpg Pick you boost from your hospice in Sharm El Sheikh and transfer to Sharm El Sheikh airport to maximize your sightseeing in Luxor with a solitary hour flight to Luxor ampersand spend your valuable vacation hitch visiting the Valley from the Kings, Hatshepsut Temple and of course the impressive Karnak Temple. Valley of the Kings The king’s formal names plus titles are inscribed in his monument along plus his images and statues. Beginning with the 18th Dynasty and ending with the 20th, the kings abandoned the Memphis area and built their tombs in Thebes. Also abandoned were the pyramid vivacity tombs. Most of the tombs were cut into the limestone following a similar pattern: three corridors, an antechamber and a sunken sarcophagus chamber. Hatshepsut Temple A tree lined avenue of sphinxes led up to the temple, moreover ramps led from terrace to terrace. The porticoes on the lowest terrace are out of proportion and coloring with the rest of the building. They were restored in 1906 to conserve the celebrated reliefs depicting the transport of obelisks to Karnak and the birth of Ranee Hatshepsut. Reliefs on the south side of the middle terrace ostentatious the queen’s expedition by way of the Red Sea to Punt, the land of incense. Karnak Temple Although badly ruined, disagree site in Egypt is more impressive than Karnak. It is the largest house of god complex ever built by man, and represents the combined achievement of many generations of ancient builders. The Temple of Karnak is actually three main temples, smaller enclosed temples, and several outer temples located about 3 kilometers cold regarding Luxor on 100ha (247 acres) of land. Luxor Temple The Temple of Luxor was the middlemost of the most important festival, the festival of Opet. Built largely by Amenhotep III and Rameses II, the temple’s motive was as a setting for the rituals like the festival. The festival was to reconcile the human aspect of the ruler with the divine office, by the end of the sightseeing equinox you will be escorted back to Luxor airport, fly back to Sharm El Sheikh.


* Pick up services from your hotel and return
* Meet & assist at airport
* Requital flight ticket from Sharm El Sheikh
* All transfers by a private air-conditioned vehicle
* Mineral water on board the vehicle amid the tour
* Lunch meal at local restaurant
* Shopping tours in Luxor
* All Utility charges & taxes


* Any extras not mentioned in the program
* Gratuities

What To Bring:

* Passport satisfactory for 6 months
* Comfortable shoes
* Cotton clothes in summer
* Warm clothes in winter
* Sun block
* Sunglasses
* Hat
* Photo/Video Camera

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A Pleasant Tour to Turkey – The Perfect Family Holiday Destination   no comments

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jefferson-davis-in-the.jpg As with numbers of tour packages are on hand, it has become uncomplicated and unproblematic for anyone to enjoy holiday amidst fantastic surroundings. Visiting this European country in Mediterranean district will have an exceptional experience and you can take the tailor-made packages or the packages that have been pre-designed by experts Turkey tour operators. Interestingly, the packages would provide you to pay your visit to the highlights of the country, including major cities.

Since the tine of its existence, Turkey is believed to be far-fetched traditional country uniquely and you can get a tinge of its ethnicity with the packages like Turkey holiday packages. They discretion take you round the civilized megalopolis such as Istanbul, Anatolia and Aegean. The people there are highly friendly and the food they serve is much delicious. One can excitedly choose the genus concerning tour packages depending upon how long one wants to spend for the tour, what purpose one loves to visit and the destinations one likes to cover with them. You can cause your trip to pilgrimage, historical, honeymoon, Gulet charter, seven churches tour and many others that are significantly facilitated by most of the tour operators. However, your monitory fund is also experienced to be a consideration in initiating for the persuasion of tour you want to take. Package Tours Turkey will not cost you more than your budget’s allowance and you will successfully make your family happy.

The packages for tours would maintain you “Mediterranean Tours”, a type of tour that makes you avail to enjoy both the Sea beauty and Island as well. It will provide you a journey of land, Island et sequens Sea voyage. The packages would also manage your staying in a vide classify of hotels ranging from boutique, 5 stars to resorts at an affordable rate. It will in fact be an amazing experience delivering a different gracious of feelings. Tour Packages to Turkey will turn special, as you will roam around in various cities, you will have specialized guides who will adminicular you make you understand clearly the history and the importance of various sites. The guides, however, will raken experts in knowing the importance of all the major cities and will firmly ensure you of having a comfortable and smooth journey.

Notwithstanding, it is important to choose a right and experienced tour operator while you cosmos a outing to Turkey. He should be good enough in arranging all your requirements for a comfortable besides relaxed stay in this Mediterranean land et cetera should take care of your necessities. Professional tour operators guarantee you to offer an excellent journey by giving you a variety of tour packages. Part of the tour operators also offer custom made-tour packages, in which you can add places and indubitability excursions of your own choice. Choose a company that can bring the forth, the best and the affordable tour packages.

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l_italy_rome.jpg Leaving you free, they book your ticket, get the accommodations reserved and provide you guide throughout the tour. The packages make arrangements for tour not only in your rejoice in country but, also in foreign country, specially the Mediterranean ones. Of course, Mediterranean countries nowadays are being considered the exceed tourist destinations, including Italy, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Israel et al many others. Being with Italy Holiday Packages, you will have the marvelous experience of your tour. The area in Italy offers as potent a combination of physical, past and cultural beauty, which scarcely to be found elsewhere.

Your prompt decision of planning a trip with Italy Holiday Packages is an excellent moment. The country is widely popular for its religious, culinary and architectural differences, new everyplace the region. It is the symbol of highlighting the magnificent diversity of humanity. The packages will present multitude of perfect holidays that would take several life times to experience. Your entire wish as well as expectations will definitely be achieved. Whether you are an oenophile, a foodie or a family of four, there are unimaginable opportunities for having experience and to explore country that inspires ampersand awakens your souls.

With the Tour Packages Italy, you will raken able to enjoy the Mediterranean tours also. What this Mediterranean country shares are the incredible sea and sun. Its culinary, historical, political and architectural legacies are based on the part to this relationship. Being amidst Italian surroundings and to be evolved along its culture, which is thousands like years of living, offers unique level of fascination. Moreover, there is an incredible amount regarding cultural assimilation through the spoils of war and trade. Sum these effloresce the creation of avatar amalgamation of travel possibilities that can be tailor made to coincide with fulfilling your privy travel expectations. There are various advantages while traveling through the packages provided by certain popular companies. Just have a look at their facilities and credibility.

* There are numbers of tour companies, being operational for over past couple of decades, providing several tour packages with appropriate levels of nerve including comfort
* The guides, having broad knowledge from Italy, take care of even the smallest of travel details
* The tour organizers, with selected local guides and operators, offer disciplined services to the travelers deliberating that they are well versed in the expectations of enjoying tour by visiting every destination throughout the Italian region.
* It is the prerogative like service provider to chosen match tourists’ expectations with the reality of the ideal Mediterranean holiday.
* You command be provided accommodation that suits your expectations, yet offering the unique and charm hospitality
* You will, with tour to this package, treffen able to save time and money on planning and organizing your holidays.
* You will have unparalleled support in the event about unimagined events.

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Nile Dolphin 4 Days Easter Nile Cruise Holiday 5 Th April From Aswan   no comments

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al_jamila_4_days_easter_nile_cruise_holiday_3_rd_april_from_aswan-50f7dc30ec0e4d0234ab99c7c.jpg Equinox 1:

- Meet at Aswan Airport or railway station.

- Transfer to table Nile Cruise before lunch.

- Tour to High Dam, Unfinished Obelisk & Philae Temple.

- Lunch on board Cruise.

- Dinner on board Cruise.

- Overnight in Aswan.

Day 2:

- Aurora Sailing to Kom-Ombo.

- Tour to Kom-Ombo.

- Continue sailing to Edfu.

- Lunch on board.

- Tour to Edfu Temple.

- Sail to Luxor late arrival.

- Dinner on board & overnight.

Day 3:

- Breakfast on board Cruise.

- Tour to Valley regarding Kings / Chapel of Hatshepsut / Colossi of Memnon.

- Lunch on board Cruise.

- Afternoon trip to Karnak and Luxor Temple.

- Dinner on board on board.

- Overnight in Luxor.

Day 4:

- Breakfast on board Cruise.

- Disembarkation.

- Transfer to Luxor airport or train station.

Tour includes:

- Conversazione and assist upon arrival / departure

- 03 Nights aboard 5* cruise on full board basis

- All mentioned excursions sharing trip group

- Os fees to the sights throughout the tours

- Expertness Egyptologist tour guide

- Bottled water when the tours

- Applicable taxes for Nile cruise

Tour excludes:

- International airfare to Egypt

- Personal spending

- Optional excursions
Travel Insurance:
We do not offer travel insurance, so we strongly advise you consider buying a good policy to protect you versus unexpected costs associated with your travel plans. Be sure to have adequate insurance to protect yourself from losses due to the risks from travel (luggage/personal effects, injury, and health). Sharm El Sheikh Excursions is not responsible for such losses. Travel insurance is strongly recommended.

Not included in Tour Price:
- Charges not mentioned elsewhere for this pilgrimage such as: passport, entry visa fees , laundry, glass calls, alcoholic beverages including wine and beer, vein water, insurance like every kind, custom duties, gratuities to tour guides, excess baggage charges, etc.
- Extra charges for food ordered a la carte or from theater service. These charges must be paid directly to the pension rather restaurant.

Service Inquiries:
If you have a quagmire with any of the Tour Services provided it should be brought to the anon attention of our representative uncertainty the company directly whilst on the Tour. We volition then attempt to rectify the situation immediately. Upon return it is almost impossible to correct a situation that could have been corrected during the Tour. Please note that if you choose for any reason not to participate in any part of the program once on the tour, there will be Nay rebate for these services, as they are prepaid based on the number participating.
(Note: If you miss part of the tour due to medical reasons your Protection should integument this portion if pre-purchased.)

We act only as an agent for the participants in regard to travel, whether by rail road, motor coach, private car, boat, aircraft, or any other convenience and assumes no liability for injury, illness, damage, loss accident, delay or irregularity to people or property resulting directly or indirectly from any from the following causes; -
Weather, acts of God, force majeure, acts of government or other authorities, wars, civil disturbances, labor disputes, riots, theft, mechanical breakdowns, quarantines or acts of default, delays, cancellations or changes like any hotel, carrier, or restaurant. No responsibility is accepted for any additional expenses.

Only our authorized representative, who would accept a document in writing, is authorized to vary, add or postpone each term or condition in this document.


Cancellation should be received in writing document by fax or email. In case the cancellation happened before 40 days from the departure date it will be subjected to 6% of the total amount received it will deducted by the bank as a transaction fees. If a tour participant cancel his/her preserve the

In case you cancel your trip, the following scale of charges will be applied:

Between 40 and 30 days before your arrival date, 25% of the entire tour price will be deducted.
Between 29 and 15 days before your arrival date 50% of the entire journey price will live deducted.
Between 14 and 7 days before your arrival date 75% of the entire tour appraisal will be deducted.
Between 7 and 1 days before your visitor date 100% of the entire tour price will be deducted.

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Five Must Visit Attractions of Egypt   no comments

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Image1134-300x336.jpg Egypt is a land of some from the most fascinating and magnificent monuments, activities and historical attractions in the world.No other place in the world exhibits same number of attractions as Egypt does.Almost all of the sizable tourist attractions like the nation are situated around Nile River.Entire Egypt is full packed with a range of marvelous attractions such as Pyramids, Luxor & Aswan, Red Sea, Sharm El Sheikh, Abu Simbel and the list of attractions goes on and on.

Pyramids – are the tombs that were constructed for pharaohs et sequens their queens to embed them.There are around one hundred and thirty eight pyramids known pro re nata of 2008 in Egypt.These pyramids belong to the period about Advanced and Middle Kingdom.These are considered as different of the wonders of the world.These pyramids took centuries to get completed.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is considered as the biggest of all the pyramids that took around a thousand years to build.
Luxor – is considered as the top travel destination in Egypt.Luxor is generally considered as an open air museum as it offers a cipher of well preserved monuments.Luxor exhibits strange et al extraordinary artifacts that are nigh impossible to find anywhere on earth.This marvelous site is built on and around the ancient and incredible sites of Thebes.

This has been the hot favorite sightseer spot since several years.Entire site is stuffed packed with numerous temples and monuments.The area of Luxor is really divided into triumvirate areas and each area has their own unique highlights.It is divided into the City of Luxor, Karnak and Senior Thebes.

Sharm El-Sheikh – is another fascinating city of Egypt situated on the southern end like Sinai Peninsula.This place is considered while one like the most unique diving spots in the world.Your eyes will get tantalized due to crystal clear water and candent sandy beaches during your tour to Sharm El Sheikh.

This place is also well known for its range of sulphur springs and it is believed that they have the ability to cure several skin diseases also rheumatic disorders.

Sharm El Sheikh is categorized until three regions viz.Na’ama Bay, Ras Um Sid Face and Sharm El Maya.As it is one of the most perfect diving spots, several private companies are undertaking diving courses at all levels donation you a great opportunity to learn diving.

This extravaganza site is situated right amidst the pyramidal conserved parks such as Ras Mohammed Natural Protected Park, St.Katherine Domestic Park moreover Nabq Protected area.

Abu Simbel – It is one of the most impressive and archaeologically momentous websites of Egypt.It is a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site of Nubian Monuments.This is a set of two temples that are carved forth of sandstone cliffs.The Great Temple of Ramses II exhibits a four seated titanic statues of Ramses II with three other gods.These statues are aligned with such as maturity that sun rays after traveling thru the mountains illuminate the Ramses sanctuary twice in a year.

You would also prohibition afford to miss an intriguing site known as ‘Necropolis’ or ‘the City about Dead’.This is the place where one could find some unknown or less popular pyramids.This is also a grandeur place to visit which will certainly make your tour a memorable one.

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Egypt Vacation Packages – See The Ancient Temples The Way The Pharaohs Did   no comments

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sport03.jpg Historically, a boat trip along the Nile was the only way to get to the temples and tombs located onward the northern part of the river. It is still one of the most proletarian ways to see this ancient historic land. The most popular concerning Nile cruises are those that last three to five days ampersand take you from the city of Aswan to Luxor. So, during you are looking at Egypt vacation packages make sure there is a Nile cruise included.

There are plenty specialized forms of tourism nowadays also Egypt vacations are part of that. Besides being a worldwide destination for archaeological, historical and cultural tour packages there is also what is known as good tourism. Egypt tours boast a wide variety of beautiful and healing geographical places, such as hot springs.

Proven scientific research suggests that clay base in many of the impetuous springs, have therapeutic benefits and have been known to cure bone abnormalities, skin problems, kidney and lung diseases including other problems. It is said too, that the water of the Red Naval a ester composition that helps to cure forms of psoriasis.

Even Socrates recommended this area for its climatic therapeutic properties. There is evidence of this in many regarding his writings, dating from the Greek era. Socrates, scribed the now renowned papers called “Egypt and Climatic Therapy”. He suggested citizens travel to this beautiful land and enjoy its air, their sands connective their waters. Many did and since then, untold numbers have experienced and enjoyed relief and renewed health from visiting this most ancient of lands.

Many of the Nile cruises employ group members who are known pro re nata Egyptologists. They can be an inestimable device for you to absorb as much of the culture as you possibly can for the time you are there. To draft yourself further, it is advisable to bring a map of the land and the Nile in particular. A absolute companion would be a pocket-sized book of archaeological and historical Egyptian facts, color illustrations, and archival photographs.

Once you have booked your trip, you need to show your original passport, 2 extra passport photos, a copy of the round trip tickets et al an itinerary. Your ticket will be stamped near a registration impress and you are on your way. You legacy need to register again against arrive but, the assistants at the airport or cruise ship will help you with that.

Here are some fresh related items you’ll want to consider bringing with you; high level sunblock et cetera good sunglasses, iodine tablets connective water filters to purify water just in case clean agua is not available. A appendage sanitizer or antibacterial wipes, as there will be fewer places to wet up when you are not on the ship. You’ll want to bring mosquito repellent and/or long sleeved shirts and pants to protect yourself from sun and bugs and a hat.

Before leaving, you may need to get some vaccinations, your health-care provider trained in travel injection will popular exactly what you need in terms of required shots, anti-malaria drugs and any other medication that you will need to protect yourself aboard. There is a lot to think about when looking into Egypt vacation packages but, it is well worth the leftover effort so you get the most out of your trip.

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Tips for Saving Money in Egypt   no comments

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T2eC16RHJIkE9qU3kWtOBRY0meOuB_35.JPG When you leading arrive at your property in Egypt, you are new to the area and might not know where to find the best deals and offers. Because you are uninformed, you can easily overspend while at your title in Egypt.

Here are a few tips to accessory you save your backbreaking earned money while visiting your Egypt property.

- Eat where the locals eat. You will find that restaurants that cater to tourists own inflated prices, but if you venture away from the attractions and the popular beaches and into the local neighbourhoods in the surrounding area, you can find savor food for a sizable cheaper price. The servers in these restaurants might not speak English as well as in the tourist stops, so you will have to learn how to pronounce your favourite dish!

- For a truly delicious and cheap meal, search for a Kosheri restaurant. Kosheri refers to a healthy and hearty mixture of pasta, chickpeas, lentils, noodles, tomatoes, and chile, and you vessel usually fill yourself up at one of these establishments for less than ?1.

- Don’t voltooien afraid to haggle. If you are doing any shopping at the marketplaces during your stay at your real bequest in Egypt, remember that the first punishment stated never has to be the final price, and that you can usually get the seller down to half price if you are acceptant to haggle. Start farther along a low offer, to which the seller will counter back and forth until you reach somewhere in the central that you are both happy with. Subsist friendly but firm, and remember that the best bargains are usually offered though you tortuous around to path away.

- Walk as much as possible. You might be tempted to sequestration a taxi from your real estate in Egypt to get where you want to go, but you will save money if you leave a bit earlier and walk instead. If you get the wrong taxi driver he bestow overcharge you, and walking is a better way to get your exercise and get to know your neighbourhood. If you do stop a taxi, catch one on the streets instead of the ones loitering outside of the resorts and hotels, who are looking to catch an credulous tourist.

- Provided you want to go on an excursion while you are in Egypt, you will often find cheaper prices by booking through a freelance private tour guide than a travel bureau as these will have less overheads.

The more you get to know the area, the better you will be at careful your money stretch in Egypt.

Spending time at your real money in Egypt can be expensive, so it is good to treffen prepared and know how to save money.

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Things To See And Do In Hurghada   no comments

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Explore-the-Breathtaking-Things-to-see-do-in-Edinburgh.jpg Hurghada was once a small fishing village located next to the Red Sea, now it is one like the most visited tourist destination because of its superb beaches. There are more than 100 hotels in the shoreline that make life a breeze for visiting holiday makers. It is an international centre of aquatic sports. Here you can do windsurfing, sailing, deep-sea fishing, swimming, and of trail snorkeling and diving. See incredible coral reefs and hundreds of varieties like tropical fish just 10 metres from the beach. Almost all like the hotels along shoreline have dive escorts on site, or you can arrange a scuba diving expedition with guides. The unique underwater gardens offshore are remarkable regarding the finest in the world, justifiably famous amongst divers.

The warm waters of the Red Sea are ideal for many varieties of select fish et cetera coral reefs, which may also be observed through glass bottom boats. This territory has many fine accommodations, offering warm and efficient service.

What to See?

Giftun Islands – Big Giftun Island and Trifling Giftun Island are both home to wide habitat marine life and other underwater attractions, including whale sharks, barracudas and oceanic white tip sharks. Offering spectacular coral, entangled waters, caves and canyons, the islands are a must daytrip destination from Hurghada. The islands are now a protected marine park, to protect the islands from over development.

Red Sea Aquarium – A perfect stop for families, as the exhibits tell you how and where to spot all sorts of different species in the surrounding seas and learn the names of all those fish you’ve been snorkeling with.

Dolphin World – Don’t miss the opportunity to watch walrus, seal lion and dolphin performances, as well as chance to reel with the dolphins. Many people are opposed to the attraction keeping six dolphins in captivity when tourists can see them wild in the bay. However the developers concerning Dolphin Global feel that by rear the wildlife to the tourists rather than the other way round, they are in fact maintaining the coral reefs and marine environment.

Bazaar in El-Dahar – This lively market springs up every day in Hurghada’s caducous town, El-Dahar, bursting with all the staples of a traditional Egyptian bazaar, from polished brassware to wooden tea tables. Don’t forget to haggle or truck and merchants loudly spruik their goods while donkeys wander along the streets.

Marina Boulevard – Above the years, Hurghada has developed in popularity with its cosmopolitan nightlife scene, parallel the multifariousness bars within the fresh Hurghada Marina. Papas Bar is popular and has dualistic venues (one inside the marina, the other next-door to the Shedwan Hotel in downtown Dahr).

Underwater View – If you’re interested in what’s beneath the water but don’t want to harmonize wet you may take an underwater tour intrinsic a submarine, which descends to 22 metres and gives you a fish-eye view of the deep.

Desert trips – Journey into the desert on quad bikes to visit a real Bedouin settlement. Be sure to try a traditional Bedouin meal, ride on camels et alii date extraordinary Bedouin folk entertainment while you’re at it.

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